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Food Software Enhances Your Processing, MRP, Inventory, Traceability, Warehousing and Distribution Systems

Our food software systems are packaged in modules:

Our software helps find the true cost and margins made from

your purchases, by tracking the supplier lots through all stages of

production. By doing this we can show you exactly how much of what you spend is

turned into profit, and what’s not being used.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our small to medium size slaughterhouse customers

have experienced increased customer demand,

while having to do deal with labor shortages and ‘lack of experience’ issues.

To help with these problems, Merit-Trax Technologies has worked with our customers

to make changes to their operating procedures, which in conjunction

with the software modifications that we made for them,

has enabled them to meet the increased demand with fewer experienced staff.

Each TRAX-IT software module integrates production management,

quality assurance and traceability data collection which stores the data in one integrated database.

This integrated database amplifies your business management capabilities

using dynamic reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators in real time.

Merit-Trax Technologies is a recognized expert and contributor for the implementation of barcode,

RFID and traceability technology in the food industry.

Merit-Trax works with food industry companies and associations

to ensure that it provides the maximum benefits of food software systems.

Our Award Winning Food Software has been recognized by:

– Canadian Information Productivity Awards Gold Medal

– Business Solutions Magazine RFID Channel Innovator Award Winner

– VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Award Winner

– Food Logistics Magazine Top 100+ Software and Technology Provider

Our award winning slaughterhouse traceability software delivers maximum management of your yields, costs and profit margins.

Our food processing software implements barcode, RFID and traceability technology in innovative ways to reduce costs and increase profits.

Our food distribution and warehouse management software improves profits implementing state of the art supply chain management technology.

Merit-Trax Technologies

We are more than just a software company, we recognize the importance and value of each customer’s unique set of experiences and operating methods. Our expertise in food processing procedures, software and technology, enables us to enhance the value that you’ve already built into your business. Together we can build a system for you, that will help you achieve your business goals, faster and easier.

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