TRAX-IT® Food Processing


TRAX-IT Food Processing software is a powerful business management tool

which we customize to enhance your existing business processes

instead of forcing you to change your business processes to suit the software.

Our software uses our specific bill of materials and material planning programs

to eliminate your raw material inventory and product costing problems.

With our Work In Process processing management and tracking software,

our systems provide you with an accurate yield, cost and margin analysis

for each supplier lot, production lot and sales invoice. 


We can provide a complete ERP system or individual modules which can

be customized and integrated with your existing systems to solve 

specific problems.


Our Food Processing software systems uses our award-winning 

traceability technology in innovative ways to improve operations

while integrating data collection needs for planning, purchasing, production,

sales and distribution, quality assurance, food safety and traceability.


Data is collected in real-time using rugged handheld and touch screen computers

over a secure wireless network making the data instantly

available to track and manage production.


Managers and floor operators are alerted in advance when a quality assurance or food safety issue is about to occur.

The TRAX-IT Food Processing software system provides:


  • Raw material and ingredient purchasing/receiving
  • Bill of materials and recipe management
  • Production batch management
  • Ingredient, packaging and labor costs
  • Ingredient and packaging inventory
  • Ingredient traceability and allergen tracking
  • HACCP quality assurance record keeping and lot management
  • Customer and regulatory compliance
  • Boxing, weighing, and labeling
  • Finished product inventory
  • Traceability of individual storage and production containers and 

finished product boxes, back to the complete sequence of production 

batch numbers and quality lot numbers.

  • Interfaces directly with weigh scales, barcode scanners, thermometers, wireless sensors and RFID readers
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer order entry, shipping & invoicing
  • Interfaces to accounting and other ERP software packages
  • Electronic data sharing and EDI with suppliers/customers


Food processors run their operations smoother, quicker and more efficiently

because our software is custom fitted to their needs making it intuitive,

simple to learn, and easy to use.

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