TRAX-IT® BRC Software

BRC requires you to provide mass balance traceability for your raw meat, which we

have implemented in our TRAX-IT Meat Processing Software. The award-winning

traceability technology, which we have developed over the last 20 years, can be

customized to solve your unique set of meat processing requirements.


Our meat specific multi-level bills of material and traceability technology minimize

your raw meat and operation costs by allowing you to mix multiple lots of meat

from different suppliers, and use multiple substitute inputs, such as your own

reworked by-products, in one production lot. At each stage of production,

production lots can be configured to produce multiple outputs, including WIP,

finished and by-products from each production lot, and

to capture or estimate your, waste, scrap, and purge.


Our traceability technology calculates the relative percentage of each raw meat batch and

lower-level production lot that was input into a production lot, and automatically

distributes the input weight proportionally to each of the output products.


The set of mass balance traceability reports for one supplier lot is

produced in seconds, and includes the following reports:


  • Raw Meat Batch Receiving
  • Used in Production
  • Traceability Tree
  • Used in Production Input
  • Weights
  • All Products Produced From
  • (WIP, By-Products, Finished Products, Scrap,Waste, and Purge)
  • Finished Products Produced
  • Output Weights
  • Fixed Weight Finished
  • Products Giveaway
  • WIP Brine Injection
  • Spice Usage Weight
  • WIP Products Inventory
  • Finished Products Shipped
  • Finished Products Inventory
  • Finished Products Cancelled
  • or Reworked
  • Batch Mass Balance Summary


….. And

best of all, your meat yields, material costs, and operational costs are

tracked through all stages of production with the same level of precision.


Our TRAX-IT Meat Processing Software includes the following:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Receiving (Raw
  • Meat and Dry Goods)
  • Raw Meat inventory
  • Dry Goods Inventory
  • Bills of Material,
  • Operations, and Costs (multi-level)
  • Raw Material Planning
  • Production Orders (including
  • for stock, to order, and co-packing)
  • Integrated Seagull
  • Scientific Barcode Label Designer
  • Box Meat Packing
  • Repacking
  • Box Meat Inventory
  • WIP Meat Inventory
  • Quality lot management
  • Warehouse Management and
  • Transfers
  • Integrated EDI PO receiving
  • and sales order generation
  • Sales Orders and Invoicing
  • (including cut and pack to order)
  • Integrated EDI invoice
  • generation and sending ·       
  • Sales Order Returns
  • Sales, inventory, cost,
  • production, yield, and valuation reports


With our system analysis and implementation experience we can

customize our software to complement your operating methods,

your level of automation and the experience of your staff.

We offer solutions for individual workstations up to complete ERP systems.


We can integrate our software with any of the software

or automation systems that you currently use.


A phone call with us will be your first step to improving

your efficiency and saving money.

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