Slaughterhouse Software Systems

TRAX-IT® Slaughterhouse Software Systems

TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse software systems uses our award winning traceability technology in innovative ways to improve operations while integrating data collection needs for production management, quality assurance, and traceability. Record keeping is collected in real-time using rugged handheld and touch screen computers over a secure wireless network, making the data instantly available to track production.

Managers and floor operators are alerted in advance when a quality assurance or food safety issue is about to occur.


  • Animal receiving
  • Live weights, hot weights, demerit weights, cold weights, prime cut weights
  • Register CLTS tag retirement events automatically over the internet
  • Display animal birthdates in real-time using the CCIA Age Replicated database
  • Record animal inspection data, grades, and yields
  • Payment grids and livestock settlement invoices
  • Carcass inventory
  • Cutting room management
  • Box meat inventory
  • Interfaces directly with weigh scales, barcode scanners, thermometers and RFID readers
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer order entry, shipping & invoicing
  • Interfaces to accounting and ERP software packages
  • Electronic data sharing, and EDI with suppliers/customers


Our Slaughterhouse food traceability software runs smoothly with its intuitive “scan, point & click” user screens and its interfaces to multiple data collection devices.

All of our TRAX-IT Slaughterhouse traceability software products are quick to learn, and easy to use.

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