Traceability Software Funding

Federal Funding for Traceability Software

The traceability of livestock, crops, ingredients, and finished food products is an important element of food safety and animal health policy in Canada. The traceability of livestock will soon become mandatory. The government and food industry associations are encouraging the use of traceability technology in order to implement the unique identification of animals, farms and food processing establishments. This will provide the ability to track and trace the movement of crops and livestock and their transformation into ingredients and food products at each point throughout the food supply chain.

Funding is available from the Canadian Federal and Provincial governments for the implementation of traceability and food safety systems for farms, feed lots, slaughterhouses, packing plants, processors, food distributors, and other industry participants.

The government recognizes that our software and traceability systems add significant business value to traceability technology.

These are the links to available funding programs which our traceability software systems are eligible for. If you need further assistance or have questions regarding the funding, feel free to contact us so we can provide you with necessary information.

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